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Moya: a system design

Abou Moya


The businessmen and the Senior Citizen of these area have suggested that to save this old & traditional Sweetmeat Industry the Panchayet Samity and Gram Panchayet should under-take programme to plant more and more Date-palm in these areas and the agricultural department of the Govt. should help to materialize the programme of Date-palm plantation which can only solve the problem of supply of good quality of Date-Palm juice, which is the main ingredient of 'Moya" preparation. The agricultural Deptt. should also find out ways and means for the agriculture of "Kanakchur Paddy" which is another main ingredient of 'Moya' production. At the same time, proper step should be taken by the Authority to issue Trade & Food License to the Temporary businessmen so that quality of product may be maintained. At the end the permanent and original businessmen should unit and be alert as regards the quality of their product, so that this original business of Joynagar may be saved from bad name and ultimately ruin.

Some of the Original Businessmen of 'Moya' in Joynagar

1. Adi Srikrishna Mistanna Bhandar (Buchki Babu)
Prop. - Sri Prosanta Sarkar
Mozilpur Station Road, Joynagar Mojilpur, 24 Pgs (S)

2. Srikrishna Mistanna Bhandar
Prop. - Asoke Ghosh
Joynagar, Kulpi Road

3. Ramkrishna Mistanna Bhandar
Prop. - Asoke Kayal
Joynagar, Kulpi Road

The popular sweetmeat of winter season is 'Moya' which is sold in different places of West Bengal. This 'Moya' is available in the following sweetmeat shops of Kolkata :-
1. Hindusthan Sweets - Jadavpur
2. Kamdhenu
3. Kamala Mistanna Bhandar.
4. Ashirbad

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