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Moya: a system design

Abou Moya


The main ingredients of 'Moya' preparation are the Kanakchur Paddy, Ghee and liquid molasses (Nalan Gur) prepared from the juice of date palm. It is learnt from history that in the month of 'Paus' of Bengali year, the front portion of the top of the date-palm is cut and a small portion of bamboo pipe is fixed in that portion. It is seen that on the next day or day after, the juice of the date-palm comes out through the bamboo pipe fixed in that portion and the said juice accumulate in an earthen pot fixed under the said bamboo pipe. The word "Nalane" comes from the pipe prepared from bamboo. After that the accumulated molasses collected from 3 to 4 earthen pots is divided into 3 to 4 parts and after boiling, the sweet scented "Nalane" is prepared.

It is learnt from local historian Sri Probhat Bhattacharys that in the past the "Ghee" which is most necessary for preparation of good quality of "Moya" used to supply to the shopowners by the farmers of sundarban by their own homemade preparation out of boiling of cheese of their own household product. But due to change of time, good quality of "Ghee" is not now available. So now the "Moya" is prepared out of Ghee produced by machine. The good quality of "Moya" is prepared out of "Kanakchur Paddy", Ghee, Nalane Molasses, Cardamon (Alachi), Kajunut, Cheese, Kismis, Pista etc.

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