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Moya: a system design

Abou Moya


At the advent of winter, the demand for 'Moya' of Joynagar increases. But due to thousands of problems the existence of 'Moya' Industry in Joynagar has faced a serious crisis. Due to want of proper test and scent of original 'Moya' has been decreased. This fact has been straightway expressed by the producers of 'Moya' of Joynagar and adjoining areas.

The main ingredients of 'Moya' production - are "Kanakchur" paddy, Cheese, Ghee and 'Nalane' molasses produced from the juice collected from the date-plam. The main problem is the problem of collection of juice from date-palm by the "Shouli" (Whose profession is to incise the date-palm in order to obtain its juice). But in the entire area of Joynagar Block - I & 2 in the villages of Sreepur, Baharu, Bamangachi, Sahajadapur comprising 22 Gram Panchayets, the number of date-plam have been decreased considerably in different villages of these Gram Panchayets. In some cases, the date-plam has been dried up for cutting the trees again and again to collect the juice. In some cases a large number of date-plam, not fit for juice collection, have been dried up by cutting for juice collection. But due to heavy demand for 'Moya' there is a great complaint by the 'Moya' producers that the "Shoulis" are mixing sugar with the juice collected from the date-palm. As a result the quality of 'Nalane' molasses has been decreasing year after year.

This is one problem but the other serious problem is the want of good quality of "Kanakchur" paddy which is the main ingredient of 'Moya' preparation. The Blocks of Joynagar are agriculturally based areas. There are 10 to 12 Canals for water passing like Harka, Tilpi. But due to non-dredging of those canals for long time past, those canals have lost their navigability. As a result even due to small quantity of rain during the rainy season, the agricultural lands are water logged. The effective result is the heavy damages to the agriculture of 'Kanakchur Paddy'. The producers of 'Moya' are also complaining that use of heavy insecticides and manures for more production of "Kanakchur" Paddy, also results in absence of sweet smell of "Kanakchur" Paddy which ultimately decreases the quality of 'Moya'.

The greatest problem is the appearance of duplicate 'Moya' due to degradation of quality of 'Original Moya'. During the four months of winter from November to January, a large number of temporary businessmen without any Trade or Food Licence, produce a large quality of 'Duplicate Moya' out of
1) low priced Marishal fried paddy
2) 'Matta' (Juice) produced from sugar juice mixed some chemicals,
3) Low-priced raw molasses imported from Midnapur, Basirhat etc.

4) Coloured rice Powder. Those duplicate 'Moya' is produced and sold in large quantity in and around the areas of Joynagar and Baharu and the retail sellers purchase these type of 'Moya' from the market and sell it in Kolkata and other areas.
This type of 'Moya' is also produced in some places of Kolkata like Chetla, Bowbazar, Shyambazar etc. As a result the purchasers are deprived of the original taste and smell of 'Moya' in one hand and in other hand the permanent original producer of 'Moya' and businessmen are facing loss to a great extent. The duplicate 'Moya' is sold in different places of the state claiming it is as original 'Moya' of Joynagar. The ultimate result is that old traditional sweetmeat of Joynagar i.e. 'Moya' is losing its good name and importance.

Sri Ranjit Ghosh and Bablu Ghosh of Joynagar and Baharu have informed that even in these bad days of 'Moya' Industry, the permanent businessmen have not yet formed any Association. There is no unity amongst the original businessmen. Due to this the problems have become more accute.

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